Lesson plans added in February 2024

Lesson plans added in February 2024

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In February we added 23 new lesson plans:

  • How money is created FREE
    This Upper Intermediate lesson plan focuses on expanding vocabulary related to the monetary system and mastering the use of modal verbs and expressions for speculation and deduction.
  • How will AI shape business? FREE
    This Advanced ESL lesson focuses on broadening students’ vocabulary around the theme of AI use in business and introduces the use of conjunctions “even though” and “even if.”
  • What the Stoics got right. And wrong
    This C1 lesson plan is designed for learners eager to improve their proficiency in employing relative clauses, specifically “some of which” and “many of which.” The lesson’s primary aim is to help students adeptly form and apply these clauses, with a special emphasis on philosophical contexts.
  • Coming to terms with coming to terms
    This upper intermediate lesson plan is for upper intermediate learners who want to get better with past modal verbs, specifically “needn’t have.” We’ll also dive into some emotions-related vocabulary along the way.
  • International trade in the age of isolationism
    This lesson plan targets upper intermediate students aiming to improve their skills in using relative clauses. Throughout the lesson, we will also explore vocabulary related to international trade.
  • When drugs don’t work anymore
    This Upper Intermediate lesson is designed for students focused on enhancing their ability to use future degrees of certainty (be bound to/be likely to/be certain to). The lesson also incorporates addiction-related vocabulary.
  • How much sport is too much?
    This ESL Intermediate lesson is designed for students focused on enhancing their ability to effectively use “however” and “although.” The lesson also incorporates sports related vocabulary.
  • Introverts win
    This lesson for Pre-Intermediate ESL students is structured to improve their use of the phrases “want somebody to do something” and “need somebody to do something.” It also includes learning vocabulary related to behavior.
  • The life lessons of cynics
    In this advanced C1 lesson students will enhance their understanding and application of the word “dare,” while also expanding their vocabulary related to philosophy.
  • Just let go!
    This ESL Intermediate lesson is designed for students focused on enhancing their ability to effectively use the Past Perfect Continuous Tense. The lesson also incorporates vocabulary related to holding grudges and letting go.
  • How safe is flying?
    This C1 lesson plan focuses on expanding aviation vocabulary and mastering sentence inversion.
  • How tough is professional sports?
    This Intermediate English lesson is crafted for students aiming to improve their skills in distinguishing between “could” (general past ability) and “be able to,” “manage to,” and “succeed in” (specific ability). Additionally, the lesson integrates vocabulary centered around the concept of mental toughness in sports.
  • Expectations change…
    In this C2 ESL lesson plan, we’ll focus on expanding vocabulary related to the concept of quality of life.
  • The makeup fail
    This A2 lesson plan is designed to help learners enhance their grasp of countable and uncountable nouns, with a special focus on vocabulary related to beauty contests.
  • The gym bro
    This Intermediate ESL lesson was created to assist students in refining their understanding of the Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous tenses, while also delving into vocabulary associated with toxic gym culture.
  • Do you have useless parts?
    For this Upper Intermediate lesson plan, we’re diving into the nuances of reported speech and exploring the fascinating topic of evolution.
  • When you know you have made it
    In this Upper-Intermediate lesson plan, we’re going to dive into the details of relative clauses using “whose” and explore the interesting topic of social norms when it comes to success.
  • Weekend warriors
    In this Proficiency ESL lesson, the focus is on expanding students’ vocabulary related to the health benefits of exercising.
  • Get your stuff together!
    This Intermediate ESL lesson is designed for students aiming to refine their skills in employing quantifiers “both,” “either,” and “neither,” while also expanding their vocabulary on the theme of complaining.
  • Should you get an EV?
    This Intermediate lesson plan aims to expand students’ vocabulary on the topic of Electric Vehicles (EVs) while introducing the use of relative clauses, with a focus on preposition placement.
  • Risks of Social Media
    This Proficiency ESL lesson plan is all about diving deep into the world of social media, focusing on vocabulary that deals with its addictive side.
  • Now that’s funny!
    This lesson plan for Upper Intermediate students is designed to broaden their vocabulary on street art and clarify the usage of “lie” vs. “lay” and “rise” vs. “raise.”
  • Check out Vienna!
    This A2 ESL lesson plan aims to enhance students’ understanding of adjective order, focusing on vocabulary related to sightseeing.

Enjoy the plans 🙂

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