Now that’s funny!

Now that’s funny!

Lesson overview

This lesson plan for Upper Intermediate students is designed to broaden their vocabulary on street art and clarify the usage of “lie” vs. “lay” and “rise” vs. “raise.”


The lesson kicks off with a casual discussion where students express their views on various street art images.


After the initial discussion, the class views a short video titled “Banksy Artwork Shredded After Selling at Auction May Have Increased in Value.” Post-viewing, they dive into the key themes via a series of questions aimed at enhancing their spoken language skills.


This part of the lesson is dedicated to distinguishing between “lie” vs. “lay” and “rise” vs. “raise,” with clear explanations and examples.


Here, students undertake a task where they must correctly insert either “lie”/”lay” or “rise”/”raise” into a text about street art.


Students are provided with a brief article on street art to read. They then respond to a set of comprehension questions, aimed at reinforcing their reading and speaking skills.


The lesson concludes with a discussion centered on a well-known quote by Banksy, encouraging students to share and debate their interpretations.



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