Get your stuff together!

Get your stuff together!

Lesson overview

This Intermediate ESL lesson is designed for students aiming to refine their skills in employing quantifiers “both,” “either,” and “neither,” while also expanding their vocabulary on the theme of complaining.


We’ll start off with an intriguing true/false quiz centered around the theme of complaining, setting an engaging tone for the entire lesson.


Students will view a short video titled “How Complaining Affects the Brain and General Health.” Following the video, they will participate in a discussion with questions designed to enhance their conversational skills.


This section delves deep into the quantifiers “both,” “either,” and “neither,” providing a comprehensive explanation and illustrative examples to ensure a solid understanding of these grammar elements.


Participants will take part in a fill-in-the-blanks activity, applying the quantifiers “both,” “either,” and “neither” correctly in various sentences.


A brief text on the topic of complaining will be provided for reading. Subsequent questions will delve into the main ideas and themes, aiding in the improvement of reading comprehension.


To wrap up, we’ll have a discussion facilitated by a humorous illustration, to encourage students to dive deeper into the topic and express their thoughts.


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