Risks of Social Media

Risks of Social Media

Lesson overview

This Proficiency ESL lesson plan is all about diving deep into the world of social media, focusing on vocabulary that deals with its addictive side.


We’ll kick things off with a fun sorting game where students get to group different mood descriptions into separate categories.


Next up, we’ll watch a video titled “Social media addiction – how it changes your brain.” After watching, a set of questions related to the video will check for comprehension.


Then, it’s time to get hands-on with some activities. We’ll play around with words and phrases that are all about social media addiction, putting new vocabulary to the test.


We’re also going to read a short piece that talks about how we use social media. That will be followed  by a set of questions aimed at improving reading comprehension.


To wrap things up, students will discuss a chart that breaks down Social Media use.



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