Should you get an EV?

Should you get an EV?

Lesson overview

This Intermediate lesson plan aims to expand students’ vocabulary on the topic of Electric Vehicles (EVs) while introducing the use of relative clauses, with a focus on preposition placement.



To kick off the class, students engage in an interactive activity designed to encourage critical thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of EVs.



Following the warm-up, students watch a video titled “Why electric vehicles struggle in extreme cold.” The students answer questions to improve verbal skills through an analysis of the main themes presented in the video.



During this segment, students are introduced to the concept of relative clauses, with an emphasis on proper preposition placement.



Students participate in interactive exercises where they unscramble and construct sentences using both defining and non-defining relative clauses.



In this section, students read a short article discussing the opportunities and challenges associated with owning an EV. This is followed by a group discussion to enhance reading comprehension.



For the writing task, students are tasked with composing a brief text detailing personal experiences with owning an EV.



To wrap up the lesson, students engage in a discussion centered around the lifecycle of EV batteries, allowing them to reflect on the broader implications of EV ownership and sustainability.

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