The life lessons of cynics

The life lessons of cynics

Lesson overview

In this advanced C1 lesson students will enhance their understanding and application of the word “dare,” while also expanding their vocabulary related to philosophy.



The lesson kicks off with engaging questions centered on cynicism. This dynamic introduction is the perfect lead-in to the subsequent activities.



The class will view a video titled “The philosophy of cynicism.” Following the video, students will engage in a discussion with questions designed to improve their speaking skills.



This segment focuses on the use of “dare,” offering comprehensive explanations and examples to ensure a firm grasp of this grammatical concept.



Participants will be involved in a practical exercise that requires using “dare” in various sentences. This activity is aimed at reinforcing their understanding through practical application.



Students will read a concise text about cynics. The follow-up involves analytical questions that delve into the primary ideas and themes, aiming to enhance reading comprehension.



The session wraps up with an in-depth discussion. This final part encourages thorough engagement with the topic and fosters active participation among students.


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