Introverts win

Introverts win

Lesson overview

This lesson for Pre-Intermediate ESL students is structured to improve their use of the phrases “want somebody to do something” and “need somebody to do something.” It also includes learning vocabulary related to behavior.



We’ll start off with some introductory questions about introverts. This stimulating beginning sets the stage for the rest of the lesson’s activities.



Students will watch a video titled “The Quiet Power of Introverts.” Post-viewing, they will respond to questions aimed at enhancing their speaking skills.



The lesson will cover the usage of “want/need somebody to do something.” This includes detailed explanations and examples to solidify understanding of these grammar points.



Students will engage in an exercise to apply “want/need somebody to do something” in context. This involves completing a dialogue with intentional gaps for them to fill in.



A short text on introversion will be provided for reading. Afterward, students will delve into questions that explore key ideas and themes, supporting the growth of their reading comprehension abilities.



We’ll conclude with a discussion to deeply immerse students in the subject matter and promote active participation.


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