When drugs don’t work anymore

When drugs don’t work anymore

Lesson overview

This Upper Intermediate lesson is designed for students focused on enhancing their ability to use future degrees of certainty (be bound to/be likely to/be certain to). The lesson also incorporates addiction-related vocabulary.



We’ll kick off the session with a captivating true/false activity about addiction. This serves as an engaging introduction to the topic and sets the stage for the rest of the lesson.



Students will watch a video titled “How Addiction Happens.” Post-viewing, they’ll engage in a set of questions aimed at improving their speaking abilities.



In this part, we’ll thoroughly explore the use of future degrees of certainty (be bound to/be likely to/be certain to). The explanation will be detailed and accompanied by examples to solidify students’ grasp of this grammatical concept.



Here, the learners will rephrase sentences to express various degrees of certainty about the future using “be bound to” and “be likely to.”



The reading segment includes a short text on addiction. Following the reading, students will tackle questions that explore the key points and themes of the text, enhancing their reading comprehension.



The lesson concludes with a comprehensive discussion, aided by a diagram, to deeply engage students in the subject matter.


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