About us

Our writing team consists of ESL teachers with years of teaching experience and experts in creating and designing English lesson plans.

Being familiar with imperfections of teaching resources, we have come up with an all-encompassing solution to English teachers’ everyday problems. 

Feast your eyes on our user-friendly ESL lesson plans for adults based on inspirational topics, which are supported by up-to-date videos and on-topic reading content accompanied by real-world vocabulary and grammar exercises with explanations. These include some well-known types of exercises, such as match the words with their meanings or fill in the gaps. However, we took teaching materials to the next level by designing exercises such as word clouds, deciphering words based on pictures, word building, and many more.

We have made conversation practice more fun and engaging with the use of interactive games (pick a card, true or false, association game, etc.) and role-plays.

Each lesson plan comprises a PowerPoint presentation (answer key included), intended for online classes, and two Word files designed for classroom teaching – one for the student and one for the teacher (with answer key).

All of our lesson plans come in printable and digital formats, and they are just a few clicks away!

Our team

Team member 1

Bicycle enthusiast and movie fan.

Always looking to improve something.

Team member 4

I am based in the United States. I have been working with international students, both in tradition and in nontraditional settings, for over 15 years. My bachelor’s degree is in “art education (k-12)”, and my master’s degree is in “curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in literacy.

Team member 6

I’ve been helping people learn English professionally for over 10 years. During this time I have worked with students from over 50 countries at schools in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Japan. I’m passionate about what I do because I have seen how having a shared language can bring people from completely different backgrounds together. In my free time, I do jiu-jitsu and MMA

Team member 10

I’m from the UK but I now live in Rome, where I teach English to teenagers and adults. I also work as an art educator, running art workshops and museum visits for children.

I studied theatre at university and I have a strong belief in the value of the arts in education.

Before moving to Italy I also taught in Brazil and Spain.

In my free time I love being outdoors, singing as part of a choir, and I’m also a keen photographer.

To wind down I like watching films, reading and meeting my friends for an ‘aperitivo’!