Coming to terms with coming to terms

Coming to terms with coming to terms

Lesson overview

This upper intermediate lesson plan is for upper intermediate learners who want to get better with past modal verbs, specifically “needn’t have.” We’ll also dive into some emotions-related vocabulary along the way.



We’ll kick things off with a fun true/false activity about hidden emotions to grab students’ interest and set the stage for what’s coming next.



Students will watch “How to Process Your Emotions” during this portion. After that, they will engage in a series of questions to enhance their speaking abilities.



In this part, we’ll dive deep into “needn’t have.” We’ll give students a solid explanation, sprinkle in some examples, and make sure they’ve got a good grip on how to use it.



This part requires students to fill the gaps in the dialogue in order to enhance their understanding of the correct usage of “needn’t have.”



Students will read a brief story about hidden emotions. A set of questions will follow, aimed at exploring key concepts and themes from the article, enhancing reading comprehension.



The lesson concludes with a thoughtful discussion, stimulated by a word cloud.

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