How tough is professional sports?

How tough is professional sports?

Lesson overview

This Intermediate English lesson is crafted for students aiming to improve their skills in distinguishing between “could” (general past ability) and “be able to,” “manage to,” and “succeed in” (specific ability). Additionally, the lesson integrates vocabulary centered around the concept of mental toughness in sports.



We start off with engaging questions that delve into the concept of mental toughness in sports, sparking curiosity and conversation.



The class will watch a video titled “Mental toughness is the secret to success.” Post-viewing, we’ll engage in a discussion to boost conversational skills and comprehension.



The core of this lesson involves an in-depth exploration of “could” (general past ability) versus “be able to,” “manage to,” and “succeed in” (specific ability). We’ll cover this topic through detailed explanations and real-life examples to ensure complete understanding.



Students will participate in sentence completion activities, applying “could” (general past ability) along with “be able to,” “manage to,” “succeed in” (specific ability). These exercises are crucial for reinforcing the grammar concepts covered in the lesson.



We’ll introduce a brief text centered on mental toughness in sports. Following the reading, discussion questions will be presented to dissect the stories told in the text and enhance reading comprehension.



To wrap up, we’ll facilitate a guided discussion, supported by a visual aid. This segment is designed to promote active participation and a deeper connection with the lesson’s theme.

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