The makeup fail

The makeup fail

Lesson overview

This A2 lesson plan is designed to help learners enhance their grasp of countable and uncountable nouns, with a special focus on vocabulary related to beauty contests.


The lesson kicks off with intriguing questions about why people choose to wear makeup.


Students will view a clip called “Florida Beauty Queen Loses Crown Because Her Makeup Was Professionally Done.” After watching, they will answer a few questions to check comprehension and improve speaking skills.


The main focus of this lesson is a thorough review of countable and uncountable nouns, presented through clear explanations and examples for solid comprehension.


Students will practice identifying countable and uncountable nouns and complete sentences with quantifiers. These activities are key to reinforcing the grammatical principles discussed.


A short text on beauty contests will be read. Questions will follow to analyze the text and boost reading skills.


The lesson concludes with a discussion inspired by a well-known quote, aimed at encouraging engagement with the topic of the lesson.

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