International trade in the age of isolationism

International trade in the age of isolationism

Lesson overview

This lesson plan targets upper intermediate students aiming to improve their skills in using relative clauses. Throughout the lesson, we will also explore vocabulary related to international trade.



The session begins with an engaging true/false exercise focused on international trade, designed to capture students’ interest and lay the groundwork for the lesson.



During this segment, students will view the video “International Trade Explained.” Following the viewing, they will participate in a series of questions designed to boost their speaking skills.



Here, we will delve into the intricacies of using relative clauses. Students will receive a thorough explanation, interspersed with examples, to ensure a robust understanding of this grammar concept.



In this section, students will be tasked with merging separate sentences into a single cohesive one, utilizing relative clauses.



The reading section features a concise article about international trade. After reading, students will answer a set of questions designed to delve into the main ideas and themes of the article, aiming to improve their reading comprehension skills.



We will wrap up the lesson with an in-depth discussion, stimulated by an international trade diagram, encouraging thoughtful engagement with the topic.


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