How money is created

How money is created

Lesson overview

This Upper Intermediate lesson plan focuses on expanding vocabulary related to the monetary system and mastering the use of modal verbs and expressions for speculation and deduction.



We’ll start with an engaging activity where students go through a brief dialogue.



A viewing of “How Banks Create Money” will serve as a conversation starter. Post-viewing, we’ll dive into the video’s key takeaways through a series of questions designed to elicit both straightforward and deeper thinking responses.



This segment will concentrate on the accurate application of modal verbs and phrases used for speculation and deduction, accompanied by straightforward examples.



Students will have the chance to practice their new knowledge through interactive tasks, including categorizing sentences and identifying the outlier.



A reading exercise involves a concise letter from a bank to a borrower, followed by a discussion on potential borrower reactions.



The lesson concludes with an exercise where students personalize sentences to reflect their own perspectives.



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