When you know you have made it

When you know you have made it

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate lesson plan, we’re going to dive into the details of relative clauses using “whose” and explore the interesting topic of social norms when it comes to success.



To kick things off, we’ll start with some engaging questions to get everyone thinking about what success really means.



We’ll watch a video titled “What is ‘success’?” and follow it up with a set of questions to improve speaking skills.



Our focus is on improving understanding of relative clauses with “whose.” We’ll break this grammar topic down with clear explanations and examples.



You’ll get to practice transforming sentences using relative clauses with “whose.” It’s a key step in grasping today’s grammar topic.



We’ve got a short reading on the topic of social norms of success, followed by comprehension questions to boost reading skills.



We’ll wrap up with a thought-provoking discussion based on a word cloud. It’s going to be an engaging way to conclude the lesson!


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