How will AI shape business?

How will AI shape business?

Lesson overview

This Advanced ESL lesson focuses on broadening students’ vocabulary around the theme of AI use in business and introduces the use of conjunctions “even though” and “even if.”



The class begins with an engaging activity designed to get students acquainted with the concept of tangible and intangible decisions.



Students will view a video entitled “Generative AI is coming to wealth management in a very big way.” A discussion will follow, aimed at improving verbal skills by analyzing the primary themes presented in the video.



This portion of the lesson is dedicated to introducing students to the use of conjunctions “even though” and “even if.” 



The exercises involve interactive tasks where students will fill in gaps in sentences with the appropriate conjunction and practice vocabulary related to AI.



In this section, students will read a short article about the use of AI in business. This is followed by a discussion to enhance reading comprehension.



The writing task involves composing a brief text about leveraging AI in business while utilizing the grammatical structures studied in the lesson.



To conclude, the lesson features a discussion centered around a famous quote about AI.



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