What the Stoics got right. And wrong.

What the Stoics got right. And wrong.

Lesson overview

This C1 lesson plan is designed for learners eager to improve their proficiency in employing relative clauses, specifically “some of which” and “many of which.” The lesson’s primary aim is to help students adeptly form and apply these clauses, with a special emphasis on philosophical contexts.



The lesson kicks off with an engaging true/false activity about the Stoics. This is intended to spark the students’ interest and establish a relevant base for the day’s topic.



Students will watch “The Philosophy of Stoicism” during this portion. Post-viewing, they will engage in a series of questions to enhance their understanding of the video and to further develop their speaking abilities.



In this section, students will receive an in-depth explanation of “some of which” and “many of which” clauses, complemented by carefully selected examples to solidify their grasp of these grammatical structures.



This part involves various activities designed to refine the students’ skills in correctly utilizing “some of which” and “many of which” clauses across different scenarios.



Students will read a brief article on Stoicism criticism. A discussion will follow, aimed at exploring key concepts and themes from the article, enhancing reading comprehension, and encouraging students to express and exchange views.



The lesson concludes with a thoughtful discussion, stimulated by a word cloud.

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