How much sport is too much?

How much sport is too much?

Lesson overview

This ESL Intermediate lesson is designed for students focused on enhancing their ability to effectively use “however” and “although.” The lesson also incorporates sports related vocabulary.



The lesson begins with a series of warm-up questions on the subject of overtraining. This engaging opener paves the way for activities that follow.



A video titled “What Too Much Exercise Does To Your Body And Brain” will be shown. After viewing, students will answer questions to enhance their conversational skills.



We will delve into an in-depth examination of “however” and “although,” complete with clear explanations and examples to ensure a firm understanding of these grammatical elements.



Students will practice applying “however” and “although” correctly by completing a dialogue exercise with strategically placed blanks.



A brief text on the topic of overtraining will be provided. Post-reading, students will engage in answering questions to dissect the main ideas and themes, aiding in the development of their reading comprehension skills.



The lesson wraps up with an in-depth group discussion, facilitated by a diagram, to immerse students fully in the topic and encourage thoughtful engagement.


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