Just let go!

Just let go!

Lesson overview

This ESL Intermediate lesson is designed for students focused on enhancing their ability to effectively use the Past Perfect Continuous Tense. The lesson also incorporates vocabulary related to holding grudges and letting go.



The session begins with a series of thought-provoking questions about holding grudges, setting the stage for a dynamic learning experience.



We’ll view a video titled “Pennsylvania man saves cop despite history with police.” This will be followed by a discussion, aimed at enhancing conversational skills and comprehension.



Our main focus will be a comprehensive review of the Past Perfect Continuous Tense. This segment includes detailed explanations and practical examples, ensuring a thorough understanding.



Participants will engage in exercises involving sentence completion, applying the Past Perfect Continuous Tense. This hands-on practice is essential for reinforcing the day’s grammar lesson.



A concise text on the theme of holding grudges will be presented. Post-reading, the group will explore questions designed to dissect the content and reinforce reading comprehension.



The lesson concludes with a structured discussion, facilitated by a visual aid. This encourages active participation and deeper engagement with the topic.

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