How safe is flying?

How safe is flying?

Lesson overview

This C1 lesson plan focuses on expanding aviation vocabulary and mastering sentence inversion.



We begin with an interactive game where students will guess aviation-related words from the clues provided. It’s a fun way to warm up and get into the topic.



We’ll watch a video titled “How safe is flying by plane?” to spark a discussion. After the video, we’ll dive into its key points with questions that encourage both open and more straightforward answers, aiming to enhance conversational abilities.



Here, we’ll take a closer look at inversion — how it flips the usual order of sentences for emphasis or style. We’ll break it down with clear examples to practice its use in different contexts.



Students will get to practice what they’ve learned by rewriting sentences to include inversion. It’s a hands-on way to apply grammar.



The students will read a customer complaint about an airline and discuss how they might respond from the airline’s perspective.



To round off the lesson, there will be a discussion based on a flight safety chart. It’s an opportunity to share thoughts and hear different viewpoints, all while using the new vocabulary and grammar structures covered.



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