Lesson plans added in November 2023

Lesson plans added in November 2023

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In November we added 12 new lesson plans:

  • The dangers of motivational speakers
    In this Advanced ESL lesson plan, students practice the use of cleft sentences while discussing the dangers of motivational speakers. 
  • How old is too old?
    In this Upper-Intermediate ESL lesson plan, students learn to use past modals “should” and “could”. They also acquire new vocabulary related to ageing.
  • How the media change who we are
    In this Intermediate ESL lesson plan, students learn to use the phrases “be expected to” and “be supposed to”. They also acquire new vocabulary related to the media.
  • What can we learn from Machiavelli?
    In this Intermediate ESL lesson plan, students learn to use modal verbs “may”, “might”, “can’t” and “must”. They also acquire new vocabulary related to politics.
  • What is narcissism?
    In this Advanced ESL lesson, students focus on mastering adverb clauses (‘whatever’, ‘however’, ‘wherever’) and expanding their vocabulary about narcissism, a relevant social topic.
  • Does democracy solve all problems?
    This lesson plan, designed for Intermediate ESL students, focuses on mastering narrative tenses and expanding vocabulary, especially in the context of democracy.
  • Death and taxes
    This lesson plan, intended for Intermediate ESL students, focuses on mastering the usage of “say” and “tell”, along with expanding vocabulary related to values.
  • What did Copernicus achieve?
    This advanced C2 ESL lesson plan is meticulously designed to broaden students’ vocabulary horizons, particularly in the realm of scientific discoveries and historical figures.
  • How to say you are sorry
    This lesson is designed for Intermediate ESL students and aims to help them master compound adjectives while expanding their vocabulary related to apologizing.
  • When brave meets stupid
    This C2 ESL lesson plan is focused on helping students acquire and master vocabulary related to the concept of risk-taking.
  • The income gap
    This C2 level ESL lesson plan is designed to focus on developing and refining vocabulary associated with economic structures, the distribution of wealth, and policy interventions.

Enjoy the plans! 🙂

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