Does democracy solve all problems?

Does democracy solve all problems?

Lesson overview

This lesson plan, designed for Intermediate ESL students, focuses on mastering narrative tenses and expanding vocabulary, especially in the context of democracy.



We’ll start with an engaging discussion about the potential risks associated with democracy.



Students will watch an insightful video titled “Why Socrates Hated Democracy.” Afterwards, they’ll delve into a discussion based on a series of thought-provoking questions related to the video’s content.



In this segment, we’ll explore the intricacies of narrative tenses. Students will be guided through the rules and provided with clear, practical examples to enhance understanding.


Interactive Exercises 

To reinforce the lesson on narrative tenses, students will engage in a variety of interactive activities. These exercises are designed to solidify their grasp of the topic through practical application.



Students will be tasked with reading a compelling article about the dangers of democracy. This will be followed by a Q&A session to test comprehension and encourage critical thinking.


Pick a Card Activity 

As a closing activity, students will participate in a ‘Pick a Card’ game. Each student will describe a concept picked at random, using some suggested words, to foster creative thinking and the application of the lesson’s concepts.




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