What did Copernicus achieve?

What did Copernicus achieve?

Lesson overview

This advanced C2 ESL lesson plan is meticulously designed to broaden students’ vocabulary horizons, particularly in the realm of scientific discoveries and historical figures.



We’ll initiate the session with a captivating exercise that sparks curiosity. Students will engage in discerning the authenticity of various fun facts about Nicolaus Copernicus. This activity is aimed at not only introducing them to the subject but also stimulating their critical thinking skills.



The core of the lesson involves watching an informative video entitled “Copernicus – Astronomer | Mini Bio.” Following the viewing, we’ll delve into a discussion. The students will explore a series of thought-provoking questions related to the video’s content. This part of the lesson is tailored to enhance students’ comprehension of the topic, bolster their ability to articulate thoughts, and refine their conversational skills.



To solidify their learning, students will engage in various exercises. They will be challenged to apply new vocabulary in the correct contexts, a crucial skill at the C2 level. Additionally, they will critically analyze a set of notes that could have been left by Copernicus, determining the relevance and accuracy of the information. Another task involves evaluating elements of a mind map related to Copernicus, identifying and discussing any discrepancies or misfits. Last but not least, the students will be tasked with creating stories about Copernicus using the words given.



We will read a concise passage about Nicolaus Copernicus. Following the reading, students will answer questions designed to test their comprehension and interpretative skills. This exercise also encourages them to express their viewpoints and insights, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.



To wrap up, we will have an open discussion revolving around a well-known quote. This segment aims to not only encapsulate the learnings of the day but also to provide students with an opportunity to apply their enhanced vocabulary and express complex ideas.


Overall, this lesson plan is structured to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and intellectually stimulating experience for C2 ESL students, with a focus on the intersection of language learning and scientific exploration.



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