When brave meets stupid

When brave meets stupid

Lesson overview

This C2 ESL lesson plan is focused on helping students acquire and master vocabulary related to the concept of risk-taking.



The lesson begins with an interactive activity where students will engage in identifying the word that aligns with given descriptions, serving as a stimulating start to the lesson.



During the video segment, students will view “Brave or Stupid? Russian Teen Daredevils.” Post-viewing, a discussion will be facilitated, focusing on the video’s themes. This is designed to deepen their comprehension and conversational skills.



The exercise portion of the lesson involves students enhancing their vocabulary through tasks that include matching risk-related phrases with their definitions, categorizing phrases based on whether they indicate an increase or decrease in risk, and employing phrases to articulate risk mitigation strategies in various scenarios.



The reading component involves exploring a brief text on risk-taking. A subsequent discussion will focus on the text’s key concepts and themes to bolster reading comprehension and encourage students to express their viewpoints.



To conclude, the lesson features a creative ‘word cloud’ activity. In this segment, students will have the opportunity to share their insights and ideas that resonated with them throughout the course of the lesson.



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