The income gap

The income gap

Lesson overview

This C2 level ESL lesson plan is designed to focus on developing and refining vocabulary associated with economic structures, the distribution of wealth, and policy interventions.



The lesson begins with an activity designed to help students get acquainted with the concept of an economic index.



During this portion, students will view the video “Is inequality inevitable?” Post-viewing, there will be a structured discussion focusing on the key themes from the video, aimed at enhancing students’ comprehension and conversational skills.



In this stage, students will concentrate on broadening their economic vocabulary. Activities will include matching phrases to their definitions, categorizing words, and completing sentences with the correct terms.



The reading component involves examining a brief article on income inequality. This will be followed by a discussion that focuses on the main ideas and themes from the text, intended to improve reading skills and stimulate students to express their views.



The lesson concludes with a discussion around a notable quote about income inequality, providing a reflective and thought-provoking end to the session.



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