How to say you are sorry

How to say you are sorry

Lesson overview

This lesson is designed for Intermediate ESL students and aims to help them master compound adjectives while expanding their vocabulary related to apologizing.



We’ll start with an engaging exercise where students will use specific words to describe a scene shown in a graphic.



The class will watch a video titled “Why And How To Say Sorry.” Afterward, we’ll discuss a series of questions designed to get students thinking about the video’s themes and how they connect to their own lives, and to enhance their understanding and conversational abilities.



In this part of the lesson, we’ll explore compound adjectives through practical examples and straightforward explanations.



Students will practice rewriting sentences to include compound adjectives and create their own compound adjectives from a provided list of words. These exercises are both fun and instructive, allowing students to actively apply and reinforce their new knowledge.



We’ll read a short passage about making amends. Afterwards, there will be a discussion session where we’ll delve into the main ideas and themes of the text, aiming to improve reading comprehension and encourage students to share their perspectives.



The lesson will wrap up with a creative word cloud activity. Here, students will contribute thoughts and ideas that stood out to them throughout the lesson.



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