The dangers of motivational speakers

The dangers of motivational speakers

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson plan, students practice the use of cleft sentences while discussing the dangers of motivational speakers. 



We kick off with a brief discussion on the potential dangers of motivational speakers in the context of psychological and societal norms.



Students watch a satirical video titled “Morning Routine videos be like” and discuss the questions that follow.



This section introduces and exemplifies the use of cleft sentences.



In this section, the use of cleft sentences is practiced. Students are asked to match columns to create cleft sentences and to reverse-engineer cleft sentences into simple form sentences.



Students read a thought-provoking text on the dangers of motivational speakers and discuss their thoughts with the aid of some challenging questions.



Finally, the lesson wraps up with a brainstorming activity focused around motivational speakers.



Comments (2)

Hello, guys! First of all, I love the themes of the lessons. Thanks for sharing this! But I have a suggestion: the reading section is difficult for the students to read on the slides, because of the true type font used. Wouldn't you like to change it for a more readable one? Thanks in advance! =)

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thank you for your kind words :) in fact we have changed it to a different font in all the new lessons. Your feedback is appreciated!

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