What is narcissism?

What is narcissism?

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students focus on mastering adverb clauses (‘whatever’, ‘however’, ‘wherever’) and expanding their vocabulary about narcissism, a relevant social topic.



We begin with a straightforward analysis of a dialogue about narcissism, setting the stage for the lesson.



Students watch a concise, engaging video titled “Why is everyone so worried about ‘Narcissism’?” followed by a focused discussion to enhance comprehension and critical thinking.


Grammar: Adverb Clauses Explained 

This section breaks down adverb clauses for focus, using clear examples to show how ‘whatever’, ‘however’, and ‘wherever’ can enrich language skills.



Students engage in practical exercises, including gap-filling and decision-making tasks, to reinforce their understanding of adverb clauses in context.



A brief, thought-provoking reading on narcissism is provided for discussion, integrating new vocabulary and insights.


Activity: Vocabulary Exploration 

The lesson concludes with a simple, interactive ‘Pick a Card’ exercise, where students describe terms related to narcissism, solidifying their vocabulary and comprehension.


This lesson is designed to be direct and effective, ensuring students grasp advanced grammar and relevant vocabulary without unnecessary complexity.

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