How many friends should you have?

How many friends should you have?

Lesson overview

This C2 ESL lesson plan concentrates on the acquisition and mastery of vocabulary related to the theme of friendship.



The session opens with an activity where students need to come up with a word that matches all the given descriptions.



In the video segment, students will watch “Do You Really Need To Have Friends?” Following the viewing, a guided discussion will take place, concentrating on the themes presented in the video. This segment is structured to enhance students’ understanding and conversational abilities.



During the exercise phase, students will work on expanding their vocabulary. They will engage in activities such as pairing phrases with their meanings and sorting various activities and images according to types of friendships.



The reading section involves delving into a short text about friendship. Discussion will follow, centered on the primary concepts and themes of the text. This part aims to improve reading comprehension and encourage students to articulate their opinions.



To wrap up the lesson, there will be a discussion revolving around a well-known quote pertaining to friendship, serving as a reflective end to the lesson.



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