Lesson plans added last month

Lesson plans added last month

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In September we added 17 new lesson plans:

  • If you’re going to San Francisco… FREE PLAN
    In this lesson, the students will learn about the culture of San Francisco and things to do there.
  • The sizzling story behind movie munchies FREE PLAN
    In this C1 lesson, we will watch a video about popcorn and how it can relate to leisure. Then we will read an article about other types of foods found at the movie theater. We will learn new vocabulary and do exercises so the students can practice. For grammar, we will talk about the Sequence of Tenses Rule. The lesson starts with reading a Psychological paper about how ‘leisure’ can be defined.
  • The most important things in life
    This A2-level lesson will guide students to understand and differentiate between “most,” “the most,” and “most of,” with ample practice exercises for reinforcement.
  • Chillin’ in Svalbard
    In this B2 lesson, students will learn about must vs. have to.  They will watch a video and read an article about living in Svalbard. They will work on exercises to promote the correct understanding and use of grammar. They will also be introduced to new vocabulary and role play to encourage speaking.
  • Past Perfect Simple FREE PLAN
    This ESL lesson is designed for adult learners to understand and apply the Past Perfect tense in various contexts. The lesson combines grammar slides, a video source, and interactive exercises.
  • Mastering imperfection
    In this lesson, students will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of perfectionism and ways to tackle it, comment on some works of Lauren Bonham, find out more about compound nouns, learn some words related to giving your opinion and provide comments on social media like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.
  • Super Mario
    In this lesson, students will learn the different uses of the word “get”, followed by a video on Super Mario. They will then practice grammar-related exercises along with having discussion questions.
  • Meet Pi, your personal AI pal
    In this lesson, students will discuss the possibility of AI chatbots’ replacing human-to-human connection, the effect of chatbots answers on people, as well as learn some collocations related to cheering up a person in need.
  • Adaptive surfing
    In this lesson students will learn the correct way of using reflexive and reciprocal pronouns. They will look at a video about surfing while learning some surfing vocabulary, followed by grammar exercises.
  • The geography of small talk
    In this interactive lesson, students will engage in discussions about the nuances of small talk in various countries. They will also learn and practice useful phrases for initiating and maintaining conversations, while being introduced to indefinite pronouns to improve their dialogue skills.
  • AI-magine that!
    In this lesson students look at comparatives to show progress, followed by a video on Artificial Intelligence in classrooms. They will have several grammar exercises to practice using the appropriate vocabulary.
  • Do girls like American guys? FREE PLAN
    In this lesson, students will talk about dating and accent preferences and watch a video where women are interviewed about their opinions on American men. Students will learn about the difference between the 1st and 2nd conditional, and learn how to use them to talk about likely and unlikely future situations.
  • The boss factor: Why women prefer male leaders
    In this lesson, students will discuss reasons why women sometimes prefer male bosses and explore the root causes of this phenomenon according to research. They will also practice expressing unreal time.
  • Pedal Pals unite! FREE PLAN
    In this lesson, students will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the pedal pals initiative,  learn phrases to agree and disagree with the interlocutor, find out collocations connected with bike driving and parts of the road (sidewalk, to change the lane, etc.) as well as find the difference between don’t mind and doesn’t matter.
  • Hollywood I do’s: Lights, camera, matrimony
    In this ESL lesson, the student will learn about American matrimony traditions. They will also learn about the difference between even though and even if and useful vocabulary. The student will watch a video and talk about matrimony.
  • Should humans become an interplanetary species?
    In this ESL lesson, students will discuss space travel and the potential for a human colony on Mars, while practising the use of defining relative clauses (who, which, that, where) to provide additional information about nouns in sentences. They will also acquire new vocabulary related to space travel.
  • How friendships affect you
    In this ESL lesson plan, students discuss the concept of friendship, reflecting on their own experiences and sharing thoughts.

We hope you have fun using our lesson plans 🙂

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