How friendships affect you

How friendships affect you

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson plan, students discuss the concept of friendship, reflecting on their own experiences and sharing thoughts.



Students watch the video titled “How Friendship Affects Your Brain” by Shannon Odell for TED Ed, which explores the psychology behind friendships, particularly in adolescence. They summarize the video’s main points and engage in a multiple-choice quiz to assess comprehension.



Students explore C2-level vocabulary related to friendship, through reading and quiz-based activities. Students will practice using phrasal verbs for friendships, such as patch up, drift apart, and bond over. Gap-fill and matching activities help learners gain confidence with the new vocabulary.



Students engage in various speaking activities throughout the lesson, including questions about friendship that encourage them to share their own thoughts and experiences. They also use their imagination with role-play scenarios for pairs, and discuss various friendship dilemmas in group discussions, where they analyze  challenging friendship situations.



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