Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Simple

Lesson overview

This Grammar ESL lesson is designed for adult learners to understand and apply the Past Perfect tense in various contexts. The lesson combines grammar slides, a video source, and interactive exercises.



Begin with a game of matching the verbs with their Past Simple and past participle form.



Introduce the Past Perfect tense using slides that offer definitions and examples. Discuss the construction “had + past participle” and how it’s used to describe actions or states that happened before a point in the past.



Play a short educational video titled “Past Perfect Simple | ENGLISH GRAMMAR VIDEOS.” After watching, students perform exercises to solidify their knowledge.



  • Sentence Ordering: Students will be given sentences to place in the correct sequence to form a coherent story, practicing their understanding of the tense.
  • Story Gaps: Students complete a given story by filling in the blanks with the correct Past Perfect form of the verbs.
  • Sentence Combining: Students combine two sentences into one using the Past Perfect tense.


By the end of the lesson, students should have a solid understanding of the Past Perfect tense and how to use it effectively.


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