AI-magine that!

AI-magine that!

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate ESL lesson, students look at comparatives to show progress, followed by a video on Artificial Intelligence in classrooms. They will have several grammar exercises to practice using the appropriate structures.



The lesson starts with a photo of Artificial Intelligence, after which students will have the opportunity to share their thoughts in a discussion.


Video: How China is using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms

Students will watch a video and get to see how artificial intelligence is being used in classrooms across China. They will get to share their thoughts and opinions on the video along with completing a True or False exercise.



The grammar in this lesson looks at comparatives to show progress. Students will learn about the different comparatives and how each is used. There will also be reading activities for the students, followed by more grammar exercises.

More on cool tech in this lesson plan.



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