The geography of small talk

The geography of small talk

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will engage in discussions about the nuances of small talk in various countries. They will also learn and practice useful phrases for initiating and maintaining conversations while being introduced to indefinite pronouns to improve their dialogue skills.



The lesson kicks off with a quick warm-up where students share common expressions they use for small talk, highlighting the importance of casual conversation.


Video: The Geography of Small Talk

Students will watch an informative video that outlines how small talk customs differ globally. After watching, they’ll engage in a true-or-false activity and fill in the blanks based on the content of the video.


Grammar: Indefinite Pronouns

This section introduces students to indefinite pronouns like “someone,” “anybody,” etc., and how they can be effectively used in small talk. Practice exercises will help memorise this new knowledge.


Wrap-up Exercises

To round out the lesson, students will correct sentences that contain errors related to small talk phrases and indefinite pronouns, ensuring they have grasped the key learning points.


In case you are wondering if we have more lesson plans on local habits, we actually do! Check out this one 🙂

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