Pedal Pals unite!

Pedal Pals unite!

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the pedal pals initiative,  learn phrases to agree and disagree with the interlocutor, find out collocations connected with bike driving and parts of the road (sidewalk, to change the lane, etc.) as well as find the difference between don’t mind and doesn’t matter.



In the warm-up part, the student compares two means of transportation – a bus and a bicycle.


Video: Bike bus

The student watches a video about a teacher starting a ‘bike bus’ initiative. Then, they complete the video comprehension activities. They also match the words from the video with their meanings (go viral, sustainability, climate change, etc.).


Grammar: don’t mind vs. doesn’t matter

The student learns the difference between the phrases don’t/doesn’t mind and doesn’t matter. They practice using them by completing the sentences. 

The lesson ends with a review of vocabulary and grammar.  

For more content related to bicycles, we encourage you to try this plan out.

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