Hollywood I do’s: Lights, camera, matrimony

Hollywood I do’s: Lights, camera, matrimony

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson, the student will learn about American matrimony traditions. They will also learn about the difference between even though and even if and useful vocabulary. The student will watch a video and talk about matrimony.



The student discusses some of the most common wedding customs and traditions.


Reading: American wedding traditions

Before reading, the student learns new words related to the topic (newlyweds, bridesmaids, nuptials, etc.). The student reads and learns about well-known American wedding traditions and answers the questions based on the text.


Video: What to wear to a Star Wars wedding

The student watches a video about themed and destination weddings. Then, they complete the video comprehension practice.


Grammar: Even if vs even though

The student learns the difference between even if and even though

The lesson ends with a wrap-up section.

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