Do girls like American guys?

Do girls like American guys?

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will talk about dating and accent preferences and watch a video where women are interviewed about their opinions on American men. Students will learn about the difference between the first and second conditional, and learn how to use them to talk about likely and unlikely future situations.



The lesson starts with a warm-up discussion about dating and accents. Students discuss whether accents impact their first impression of a person and what they would do when they are interested in meeting someone.


Grammar: (first vs second conditional)

The students learn to identify, understand, and use first and second conditionals and learn when it is appropriate to use them.


Video: Do girls like American guys?

The students watch a video and listen to different opinions about American guys.


Speaking, Discussion and Grammar practice

Students can share their views on dating people from different nationalities and discuss the role accents play in attraction.

Students practice the use of first and second conditionals through matching games, gap-fill activities and guessing games. 

They also ask each other questions using the first and second conditionals and answer them appropriately.

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