Mastering imperfection

Mastering imperfection

Lesson overview

In this lesson, students will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of perfectionism and ways to tackle it , make a comment on some works of Lauren Bonham, find out more about compound nouns, as well learn some words related to giving your opinion and providing comments on social media like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.



In the warm-up part, the student tries to guess the mystery word based on the clues (perfectionism).


Video: Artist tackles perfectionism

Before watching a video, the student learns new vocabulary which will be used in the video (smudge, smear, struggle, etc.). Then, the student watches the video about an artist who struggles with perfectionism. They complete the video comprehension activities.


Grammar: Compound nouns

The student learns what compound nouns are and completes the rules regarding their formation. They get to identify and build compound nouns.

Finally, the student looks at a few Lauren Bonham’s paintings and comments on them. The lesson ends with a review of vocabulary and grammar.

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