Why leisure-themed <em>english4tutors</em> plans are the ultimate game changer

Why leisure-themed english4tutors plans are the ultimate game changer

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Hey there, fellow English tutors! 

Let’s talk about a not-so-secret weapon that can turn your English classes from drab to fab – leisure lesson plans!

And believe me, this approach is more than just a way to make your students have fun. 

Now, you might be wondering, “What kind of lesson plans and topics can I find under the Leisure category?” Well, anything that your students enjoy doing in their free time – be it DIY crafts, box breathing, photography, extreme ironing…you know, the fun stuff!

But why is this approach so effective, you may ask? Well, here are some reasons:

Engaging your students and increasing their motivation

Each and every one of us has a passion or a hobby. Find out what it is that makes your student want to trade places with you as a teacher. Whether it’s cooking or playing board games, these lesson plans provide a break from traditional learning methods and offer a fresh and exciting way to practice English skills. And when your students are having fun, they’re more likely to retain the information you’re teaching them. They’re also more likely to re-enroll, let’s face it.

Teaching vocabulary in the student’s field of interest

Leisure plans are a fantastic way to teach vocabulary. By using vocabulary in a context that your student is interested in, they’re more likely to remember it and use it in their own conversations.

If your student is a fan of basketball or soccer and a rookie when it comes to learning English, we warmly recommend Play hard or go home designed for A2 students.

While we’re still at the vocabulary point, these lesson plans can also come in handy if you want to teach idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs in a natural way. Let’s say your student is into cooking. You can teach them the expression ‘spice things up’ and the phrasal verb ‘whip up’ in the context of a recipe. By using these expressions in a natural way, your students will learn to use them correctly and appropriately.

Teaching grammar will be less of a drag

Have you ever tried teaching grammar without making it feel like a chore? For example, if your student is a part-time party maniac and you teach them a lesson about drinking alcoholic beverages, it’s the right time to teach them quantifiers. 

By using examples that your students are familiar with or interested in, they’ll be more likely to engage with the grammar lesson.

Improving communication skills

One of the biggest challenges in learning a new language is practicing speaking and listening skills. But worry not! For instance, teaching a game-related lesson will give your student an opportunity to practice their listening comprehension skills by following the rules of Cornhole. At the same time, they will get to practice communicating instructions such as ‘shuffle’ or ‘pick a card’ when playing UNO. This will provide ample opportunity to improve speaking and listening in a natural and authentic way.

Increased Cultural Awareness

Incorporating Leisure lesson materials into your English classes can also help your students develop a greater understanding and appreciation of English-speaking cultures. For example, learning about the English-language cinema in And the Oscar goes to… can help your movie-buff students understand the customs, traditions, and values of the culture. This can lead to a deeper understanding and respect for the language and its speakers, which can in turn motivate your students to continue learning and practicing their English skills.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go practice my knitting skills while binge-watching my favorite cooking show.

About Tijana
About Tijana

Tijana is an ESL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, and ESL Content Creator with a decade-long working experience. She designed 600+ lesson plans. Tijana holds a B.A. in Applied Linguistics from UVic, an M.A. in Curriculum and Education from UBC, as well as a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

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