Play hard or go home!

Play hard or go home!

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the student will learn about popular sports in English-speaking countries. They will also learn the vocabulary needed to describe how these sports are played.



Based on the pictures, the student is encouraged to name the sports (soccer, ice hockey, cricket, and American football). In another warm-up activity, the sports are briefly described for the student to guess the names, in case they haven’t come up with them before.


The sports of English-speaking countries

The student tries to guess the names of the countries (UK, USA, Canada, and Australia) based on their flags and says which sport they believe is the most popular one in each of them.


Sports and actions/movements

In this exercise, the student learns about other popular sports in the four mentioned countries and tries to name the actions/movements involved in these sports (e.g. rugby run/throw/kick).


Video: learning the rules of American football, ice hockey, cricket, and soccer

The student watches four short videos about the rules of four different sports. After watching each of them, they choose the correct verbs to complete short paragraphs explaining the rules.


Grammar: action verbs

To practice the use of action verbs used in the rules explanations, the student fills in the gaps using verbs such as play, hit, throw, kick, etc.



In the final exercise, the student matches the sports players to the correct balls/items and actions they perform.



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