And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar goes to…

Lesson overview

The goal of this lesson is to introduce the correct usage of certain prepositions after adjectives and to develop this structure when describing feelings. Students will also learn how to describe emotions and movie genres by reading movie reviews and matching genres with their features. 



The lesson starts with a paragraph in which a movie buff tells about their favorite kind of movies. The student identifies prepositions and gives examples of the prepositions we use after adjectives, nouns, and verbs.


Grammar: Prepositions

The student learns more about prepositions and then matches them with correct adjectives (excited about, amazed at, afraid of, etc.). Next, they fill in the gaps with correct prepositions.


Reading: an email about movies

The student reads an email about different movie genres and then completes reading comprehension.
New vocabulary is extracted from the text for the student to match it with correct meanings (script, award, spectacular, etc.).


Reading: movie recommendations

The student reads four movie recommendations and then answers reading comprehension questions.


Video: Spencer trailer

The student watches a trailer for the movie Spencer and completes video comprehension.
Then, they complete a movie review.

Finally, the student sorts out words into different categories related to the movie making process.



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