From extreme ironing to skydiving

From extreme ironing to skydiving

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the student will learn to follow instructions and communicate simple everyday tasks through topics of extreme sports and hobbies.



The student will play a game of “Never Have I Ever” using common activities and extreme sports examples. Here they practice using the Present Perfect structure I’ve (never) tried …



The student learns new vocabulary related to extreme sports and hobbies by matching them with the pictures as well as meanings (skydiving, snowboarding, hang gliding, etc.). Then, they use the words to complete the sentences.


Video: Extreme ironing

The student watches the video and learns about extreme ironing. They check their understanding by answering the questions based on the video.


Video: Skating on thin ice

The student watches an interesting video about a man who skates on thin ice using his knowledge of math. The student completes the video comprehension activities.

After watching both videos, the student completes the Venn diagram for extreme ironing and extreme skating.


Grammar: Gerund vs. infinitive

The student learns about the differences between gerund and infinitive forms. Based on the list of verbs followed by an infinitive and those followed by a gerund, they complete the sentences with the correct verb forms.


Reading: Swimming in freezing water

The student reads an article about the health benefits of swimming in frigid waters and completes the reading comprehension activities, including the vocabulary matching exercise.



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