Lovely long red dress

Lovely long red dress

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn language related to color, sensations, atmosphere and size. They will also work on the use of adverbs and adjectives of manner and collocations for descriptions.  



The lesson starts with a description of Van Gogh’s painting Almond blossom. The student’s task is to read it and identify adjectives (tender, vivid, blue, etc.).


Descriptive language: adjectives 

The student learns when descriptive adjectives are used and in which order. They read a few examples and then practice putting adjectives in the correct order.

The student uses adjectives to describe the atmosphere in a painting.


Adverbs of manner

The student learns about adverbs of manner and practices using them in sentences. They also learn adverbs of opposite meaning (happily-angrily, slowly-quickly, etc.).


Collocations with adjectives and adverbs

The student learns how to combine adverbs and adjectives with nouns and verbs in order to create a descriptive expression. The student then practices using these collocations in the right context.


Reading: famous artists

After reading two short passages about Michelangelo and Jeff Koons, the student answers reading comprehension questions. Next, new words are extracted from the text for the student to match them with their meanings.


Video: Starry Night

After watching the video that analyzes the painting Starry Night by Van Gogh, the student completes the sentences based on the video and then matches new vocabulary with the right explanation.

Finally, the student picks a card with an object and describes it using adjectives in the correct order.


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