How potato chips are made

How potato chips are made

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn how to describe the process of making potato chips, ways of cooking, as well as learn how to use Present Simple Passive.



In the warm-up activity, the student tries to name the ingredients and the final food product in pictures.


Vocabulary: Potato chips making process

The student matches words related to making potato chips with their meanings (a knife, to slice, conveyor belt, etc.).


Video: How it’s made – Potato chips

The student watches a How It’s Made episode about the process of making potato chips. Then, they put the steps in the correct order.


Grammar: Present Simple Passive

The student learns how and when Present Simple Passive is used. They practice using passive voice through describing the process of making homemade oven potato chips and zucchini chips.



Finally, they review new vocabulary by describing the process of making potato chips based on the pictures provided. They also review the grammar part.


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miss sandra

great job! perfectly organized. Thanks!

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