3Delicious steaks

3Delicious steaks

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will talk about pros and cons of 3D printed meat and its impact on the environment, discuss types of meat, and learn about cutlery and crockery. The student  will also review prepositions of place.



The lesson starts with an activity in which the student lists 3D objects.


Video: 3D-printed vegan meat

The student watches the video about a restaurant serving 3D-printed steaks. Next, they answer the questions based on the video. They learn vocabulary related to cutlery and crockery by matching the words with the correct images (spoon, fork, knife, etc.). They also learn about different types of meat (pork, veal, chicken, etc.).

The student puts adjectives used to describe food in different categories – taste/flavor, texture, and opinion.


Grammar: Prepositions of place

The student reviews prepositions of place by describing positions of objects on the table (in the middle, on the left, on the fight, etc.).

The lesson ends with a brief review of vocabulary and grammar.

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