You’ve got the look!

You’ve got the look!

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson, the student will learn the skill of using adjectives and adverbs in the correct order. They will learn language connected to style, fashion, and clothing.



In the introduction part, the student reads a paragraph and tries to identify adjectives and adverbs


Grammar: adverbs and adjectives

First, the structure and the position of adjectives and adverbs are explained. Second, classification of adverbs (manner, degree, place, and frequency) and adjectives (descriptive, demonstrative, quantifying, and possessive) is introduced.


Grammar practice

The student puts their knowledge into practice by completing sentences with the correct adjectives/adverbs, rewriting sentences and placing adverbs in the correct position, putting adjectives and adverbs in the correct order, and converting adjectives into adverbs.


Reading: Shopping for clothes

As a reading exercise, the student reads a message to a friend about shopping for clothes and then answers the questions based on the message. New adjectives are then extracted from the text for the student to match them with their meanings (e.g. ostentatious, contemporary, elegant, etc.).


Reading: Fashion show

In another reading exercise, the student reads a paragraph about a fashion show, which contains vivid outfit descriptions. This is followed by a reading comprehension exercise. 


Video: Recycling fashion

The student watches a video about a town in Italy which turns waste into clothes. Then, they answer questions based on the video.


Reading: Fashion magazine

While reading a passage from a fashion magazine, the student completes it by inserting the correct adjectives (e.g. revealing, tailored, matched, etc.). 


Word family

As the final exercise, the student fills in the table by forming adjectives based on adverbs and vice versa.



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