Why cats always land on their feet

Why cats always land on their feet

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will learn and use vocabulary related to physics. They will also learn about complex noun phrases and their parts.



In the warm-up part, the student reviews their knowledge of physics by selecting the sentences related to Newton’s laws of motion or physics.


Video: Why scientists started dropping cats in the 1800s

Before watching a video, the student learns new vocabulary (motion, momentum, inverse, etc.). Next, they use these words to fill in the gaps.

They watch a short video explaining why cats always land on their feet. This activity is followed by comprehension exercises, checking the student’s understanding of the video.


Grammar: Complex noun phrases

The student learns about complex noun phrases and their components – premodifier, head noun, and postmodifier. They learn and practice identifying these components in sentences.


In the wrap-up activity, the student sums up what they learned by answering questions related to the lesson topic and grammar point.

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