What’s up with “ok”?

What’s up with “ok”?

Lesson overview

This Upper Intermediate lesson plan focuses on expanding vocabulary related to the word “ok” and introducing its proper uses.



We’ll start with an activity where students distinguish different uses of the word “ok” based on the context.



A viewing of “Why we say “OK” will serve as a conversation starter. Post-viewing, we’ll delve into the video’s key takeaways through a series of questions.



This segment will concentrate on the accurate application of the word “ok”, accompanied by numerous examples.



Students will have the chance to practice their new knowledge through interactive tasks, including categorizing sentences and connecting phrases to their definitions.


Pick a Card

Students pick a card and discuss the situation portrayed on the picture using “ok” as often as possible.



A reading exercise involves a concise text about the word “ok”, followed by a series of questions to foster reading comprehension.



The lesson concludes with a discussion about the role of language in the formation of a culture.



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