What’s the deal with art museums?

What’s the deal with art museums?

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will learn about art and art museums and they will become familiar with related vocabulary. Students will also learn how to use noun phrases. This lesson will also focus on getting students to discuss their opinions on art museums and their value in the modern world.



The lesson starts with a set of questions about art forms and famous artists.


Video: What art museums are for

Before watching the video, the student learns new vocabulary (chaotic, genuine, implications, etc.) through a matching exercise. 

They watch the video Why you NEED to visit an art museum and answer video comprehension questions.

They get to practice using the vocabulary they learned earlier to fill in the blanks. They also match these words to their synonyms.

Next, they read statements related to the video and decide if they are true or false.


Grammar: Noun phrases

The student learns what noun phrases are, how they are used, and what premodifiers and postmodifiers they can include. They are given a list of noun phrases with highlighted premodifiers. Their task is to identify determiners, articles, quantifiers, etc. Then, they do the same with postmodifiers.

Next, the student learns how to identify a noun phrase in a sentence.


Reading: Three finest art museums in the world

The student picks an art museum and reads some basic information about it. Then, they answer questions based on what they read. Finally, the student looks at three paintings and discusses their artistic value.



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