Traveling light

Traveling light

Lesson overview

This ESL lesson combines vocabulary related to traveling necessities and an overview of countable and uncountable nouns.


Warm-up discussion

A list of traveling items is presented for the student to decide which ones are essential/non-essential in their opinion. Then, another list of item groups is presented (clothes, cosmetics, documents, and devices) for the student to decide which ones they would take when going on a summer vacation.
The student then decides which statements are related to hand luggage/check-in luggage.


Grammar: Countable vs. uncountable nouns

The student is given two lists of traveling necessities and should decide which of those are countable/uncountable nouns and which rules apply to which group of nouns.

After that, the rules of use of countable and uncountable nouns are explained, as well as the use of a/an, some, and any, which are then used to fill in the gaps.


The use of much and many is also explained. These two are then used to complete a conversation.


Reading: How to travel light

The student reads about the tips on how to travel light prior to answering questions related to the topic.


Video: Rick Steves – Packing light

By watching the video, the student learns about the best type of bag to choose for light travel and how to distinguish between traveling essentials and non-essentials. After watching the video, they answer the questions based on the video, as well as questions related to their own traveling experience.



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